Dear Betrayed Friends (2012) Full Movie

Dear Betrayed Friends
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Watch Dear Betrayed Friends (2012) : Full Movie Online Free Andor Czettl, in his early sixties, visits the secret service archives one day to read into the reports about himself and discovers a shocking fact. His very best friend János Pásztor was an informer, spying on him and writing reports about him for decades. Sára Cserhalmi's first feature focuses not so much on the actual problem of informing and betrayal as on the contradictory relationship of the two protagonists. It avoids any final judgments. First and foremost, it seeks answers to questions like how an informer can live in our present times and how the one being reported on can cope with this state. Can a close friendship that began decades ago last if such betrayal comes to light? How can someone live and cope with this fact?

Title Dear Betrayed Friends
Release Date Sep 13, 2012
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